Seeing as I’m unable to delete the G-Zay article on Encyclopedia Dramatica (ED), I’ll just provide my self-written response to it here. The G-Zay article is filled with misinformation and untrue statements, so I have to at least provide a response for those that stumble upon it and ask me about it. I’ll also point out the culprit who actually wrote the G-Zay article.

Firstly, it’s important to know that G-Zay and the real me are two different personalities. G-Zay is a fictional internet persona I created in mid-2005 and he strictly only exists on the internet. I’ll need to give my real name seeing so people can see I’m being legit, so let it be known that my real name is Andre Grant. This response article will be in three separate sections:

  • Section 1 – Written by Andre Grant. I will explain everything about who G-Zay is and my relationship with him.
  • Section 2 – Written by G-Zay. He will expose the person who wrote the ED article.
  • Section 3 – Written by G-Zay. He will respond to the ED article.

With that said, I must state upfront that G-Zay has hacked and compiled loads of info about the person who wrote the ED article. I’m going to let him expose some of it in this response article, but I will restrain him from exposing all of it in his pursuit for revenge. After all, G-Zay doesn’t really exist, so it would be really unfair for him to completely destroy the reputation of somebody that really does.

Section 1

The difference between Andre Grant and G-Zay

I need to further explain how G-Zay and the real me are two different people. G-Zay is a fictional internet persona I created in mid-2005. I post as him exclusively on all internet forums, as I never post as the real me on forums. Due to advice from senior relatives I know IRL, I was advised back in early 2005 to keep the real me offline, as some people may not be who they say they are. I was also told never to believe everything strangers post on forums. In order to take that advice on board and separate the real me from internet forums, I decided to create a fictional persona to post as, which I called G-Zay. As the years went by, G-Zay gradually became more and more complex until he became a life-sized character.

The only time I’ve ever been the real me online is on my Twitter account, which I joined in June 2011. All other internet posts by me have been via my fictional internet persona, G-Zay. I strictly keep the real me outside of gaming forums, as there’s too many trolls and negative people to bother dealing with. G-Zay also has a variety of aliases, mostly due to his previous GameFAQs accounts getting banned and him also wanting different usernames on other websites.


The above table is a comparison between myself and G-Zay. As you can see, my presence on the internet is very minimal compared to him. I’ve only been the real me online via Twitter, which I joined in June 2011.

The relationship between myself and G-Zay is no different to the relationship between a player and their avatar in a MMORPG; the player is the one that exists IRL, while their avatar exclusively exists in the fantasy world of the MMORPG. Similarly, in my case, other than my Twitter account, you’ll only find me IRL, while G-Zay only exists on internet forums.

I know all about G-Zay, as I created him as my internet persona. However, as the years went by and G-Zay saw how dysfunctional internet forums were (trolling, flaming, list wars, people stating their opinions as facts, personal attacks, etc), he adapted to the harsh environment by making himself more deceitful to stay one step ahead of other users. He became a product of his environment. Therefore, considering that G-Zay knows full well he doesn’t exist, he morphed himself into a notorious troll. He can be reckless and say whatever he wants because he knows all of isn’t real and that he’s only fiction. It’s similar to an actor doing various negative things when in role as a character while filming a movie; assuming the screenplay is fiction, the character they’re playing is fake and so are their actions.

I’d say the biggest similarity to the relationship I have with G-Zay is that of the musician Beyoncé Knowles and her fictional alter ego Sasha Fierce. Beyoncé Knowles has said that her Sasha Fierce alter ego only comes out when she’s performing songs that are of a really aggressive, as the real version of her isn’t like that. Basically, she uses Sasha Fierce to do things that the real her would never be able to do:

“I wouldn’t like Sasha if I met her in real life. Sasha is too aggressive, too strong, too sassy, too sexy! I’m not like her at all in real life. I’m not flirtatious and super-confident and fearless like her. What I feel when being her, I don’t feel anywhere else. It’s an out-of-body experience. I created the Sasha persona to protect myself so that when I go home I don’t have to think about what it is I do. Sasha isn’t me. The people around me know who I really am.”

– Beyoncé Knowles, December 2006.

“SASHA FIERCE is my alter ego. She takes over when it’s time for me to work and when I’m on stage. This alter ego that I’ve created kind of protects me and who I really am. That’s why half the record, I AM…, is about who I really am underneath all the makeup, underneath the lights, and underneath all the exciting star drama. And SASHA FIERCE is the fun, more sensual, more aggressive, more outspoken, and more glamorous side that comes out when I’m working and when I’m on the stage. The double album allows me to take more risks and really step out of myself, or shall I say, step more into myself, and reveal a side of me that only people that really know me see.”

– Beyoncé Knowles, October 2008.

Beyoncé Knowles and her alter ego Sasha Fierce. She said that she created the alter ego to do things that were too aggressive and out of character for the real her. Similarly, I created G-Zay as an internet persona to post on internet forums, as the real me didn't want to engage in those communities. The climate and atmosphere of internet forums were just too out of character for me.

Beyoncé Knowles and her alter ego Sasha Fierce. She said that she created the alter ego to do things that were too aggressive and out of character for the real her. Similarly, I created G-Zay as an internet persona to post on internet forums, as the real me didn’t want to be part of those communities. The harsh climate and hostile atmosphere of internet forums were just too out of character for the real me.

The relationship between Beyoncé Knowles and Sasha Fierce is similar to myself and G-Zay. When I’m on internet forums, I completely become the G-Zay fictional persona, as he’s able to withstand and put up with the trolling, flaming, list wars, people stating their opinions as facts, name calling, personal attacks, and all the other unpleasantness that plagues internet forums. The real me wants no part of that. Also, it’s important to note that myself and G-Zay are polar opposite personalities. I purposely made him as different as possible to how I am IRL, as I wanted to ensure there wouldn’t be any overlap between the two personalities. The only thing we both have in common is a love for the same video games.

There was a time I felt that the creation of G-Zay as an alter ego was a sign I may be turning insane, so at a standard health check-up with my Doctor back in 2009, I told him about the fact that when I go on internet forums, I post as a fictional persona. This was in 2009, which was the height of the amount of time I was daily spending as G-Zay; I was spending 10-12 hours a day as G-Zay posting on internet forums. I brought this up to my Doctor, as I thought it was a sign I may be turning insane. However, my Doctor never saw anything wrong with it, as he believed that it was much safer to not be your true self when talking to complete strangers online. He brought up reasons like identity theft, cyberstalkers, banking scams, etc. He even said he’s sure there’s people that my fictional persona has spoken to on internet forums have claimed to be somebody they’re actually not. What he did recommended for me was to greatly reduce how much time I spend online and instead use that time on activities IRL (jogging, cycling, gym, etc).

During the early days of when I first created G-Zay, it was actually hard for me to stay in character as him, as I’d keep slipping back into the real me when posting on internet forums. However, as the months and years went by, it became more natural to continually stay in character as G-Zay when on internet forums. I later devised an ingenious technique that allowed me to always stay in G-Zay’s character. What it involved was putting on clothing I’d only wear when posting as G-Zay. I would never wear the same clothes G-Zay wears, so the practise of changing clothes when preparing to post on internet forums became similar to an actor changing into costume when getting ready to do a performance. It’s very important I did this, as back in 2009, when I was being G-Zay for like 10-12 hours a day, it would’ve been very easy to have parts of his character slip into the real me, meaning parts of G-Zay would’ve started to exist in the real world. That happening would’ve been a path leading towards multiple personality disorder. So having a costume for G-Zay allowed me to physically differentiate the two people.

Considering that the ED page is about G-Zay, a fictional internet persona, the real me doesn’t feel too offended or threatened by it. It’s no different to writing an article about a film character; it doesn’t provide any real info about the actor who was playing the role of that character. The only gripe I have about the ED article is that the person who created it took my face photo from my Twitter account, which is where I be the real me. Yet, all the sources for his accusations were taken from forum posts made by G-Zay.

If you see the photo I took with the time stamp for the ED article, I was actually being G-Zay for that photo. I figured that seeing as the page was about him, I should at least provide a photo of him. However, I also had another agenda when taking that photo; it was to provide at least one piece of visual evidence of G-Zay, as I’m planning to retire the persona. I wanted that photo to act as visual proof that he existed before I killed him off.

This is the first and only photo I've ever take while in my G-Zay persona. When I created him, I said I would never take a photo while being him, but that was before he became this huge, life-sized character and then degenerated into an infamous internet troll. Considering I'm now planning to retire the persona, I wanted to have at least one piece of visual proof that he existed. The "Trolled by ED" statement on the piece of paper is G-Zay telling the staff at ED that he's admitting defeat. However, the "Love you guys! ❤" statement is complete sarcasm.

This is the first and only photo I’ve ever taken as G-Zay. Obviously, we share the same face, but are mindsets are completely different. While I’m more quiet and humble, G-Zay is loud and arrogant. When I created him, I said I would never take a photo while being him, but that was before he became this huge, life-sized character and then an infamous internet troll. Considering I’m now planning to retire the persona, I wanted to have at least one piece of visual proof that he existed. The “Trolled by ED” statement on the piece of paper is G-Zay telling the staff at ED that he’s admitting defeat. However, the whole “Love you guys! ❤” statement is typical G-Zay sarcasm.

With who G-Zay is and why he was created now explained, I want to publicly announce that I’ll be retiring the G-Zay fictional persona. By the end of 2014, he will no longer exist. I’m not retiring him because there’s a ED page about him or because I’m bored of posting on internet forums as him. The reason I’m retiring him is because I’ve made a groundbreaking discovery in the story of the video game Final Fantasy XII and am currently writing a theory about it, which I call The Zodiac Brave Theory. I think it’s only right to release this theory as the real me. I was going to release the theory as G-Zay, as he’s more well known on the internet, but I think he’s too notoriously known as a troll, which will likely dampen people’s response to the theory. The real me, on the other hand, is a complete enigma, as I only post on Twitter. Therefore, I feel I’m better suited to release the theory. It also makes more sense, as the real me is the one that made the discovery and the one actually writing it.

This is the end of the section by the real me. Seeing as the ED article is about G-Zay, I will let that fictional persona respond to it and expose the person who wrote it. Be warned, G-Zay is a notorious troll and very unrestrained with his opinions. He will not hold back with his response, so it will include profanity and explicit language. Keep reading at your own discretion.

Again, I repeat, from this point onwards, you’ll be reading the words of G-Zay, not the real me.

Section 2

Who created the G-Zay article on Encyclopedia Dramatica?

OK, as G-Zay I’ve been itching to expose this culprit. This is the most interesting matter for me regarding this whole issue. What idiot would waste dozens of hours reading my entire forum posting history since 2005 in order to try and uncover every single aspect of what I’m like IRL? The idiocy in that agenda is that I only exist online as a fictional persona who posts on internet forums. There is no real life G-Zay . That’s like believing an actor is the same as a character they’re playing in a film in IRL. That’s ludicrous. LOL! Anyway, why would such an individual even bother to create a satirical article about me? I’ll expose the culprit.

The person who created the G-Zay article on ED is duckroll, a weeaboo and otaku from Singapore. Although he’s currently 32 years old (born December 17, 1981), he’s unemployed and spends his days watching countless anime and playing video games (mainly JRPGs). He is also an obsessive collector of Japanese action figures, particularly Gundams and mechs. The amount of money he wastes on these toys annually could feed a starving family in Africa for over a decade. I guess the amount of money he throws on collecting these toys is proof of his zealous otaku status. When he’s not engaged in any of the aforementioned hobbies, he’s either online discussing them on forums like NeoGAF or just masturbating to his massive child pornography and lolicon hentai collection. Yes, unfortunately, duckroll is one of those individuals that finds little girls sexually attractive. The irony is that he calls me the pedophile! LMAO! This guy is ridiculous! To make it clear just how much of pedophile duckroll is, he has even taken hedonistic trips to his neighbouring country of Cambodia in order to explore his fetish within their underground child prostitution industry. That’s just how fucked up duckroll is. He’s a really twisted individual and it’s upsetting that I’ve had such a nasty individual cyberstalking me. I’m just glad I’ve hacked him and uncovered who he really is.

The only photo of duckroll available online. It was taken in July 2008, around the release of Metal Gear Solid 4. He's cropped his face because he attempts to keep his appearance a secret. The fact he has anxieties about his appearance (girls think he's ugly. LOL!) makes him ashamed to post a face pic online. Also, the fact he's a closet pedophile and relentless cyberstalker are added reasons why he keeps his appearance secret.

The only photo of duckroll available online. It was taken in July 2008, around the release of Metal Gear Solid 4. He’s cropped his face because he attempts to keep his appearance a secret. The fact he has anxieties about his appearance (girls think he’s ugly. LOL!) makes him ashamed to post a face pic online. Also, the fact he’s a closet pedophile and relentless cyberstalker are added reasons why he keeps his appearance secret.

If everything I’ve already mentioned wasn’t bad enough, duckroll is also a relentless cyberstalker with a long track record of cyberstalking women he finds attractive, especially Japanese pop idols and gravure idols. He also has a long storied history of creating pages of people he doesn’t like on Encyclopedia Dramatica. Matter of fact, the G-Zay article is either the 31st article he’s created on the website. However, in order to try and cover his tracks, he always creates a new article with a new account, meaning he currently has a minimum of 30 different accounts on the website.

As you can see, duckroll gets all excited when he gets a new addition to his already enormous otaku collection. With how many Gundams and mechs he buys annually, he'll soon run out of space to store them all.

As you can see, duckroll gets all excited when he gets a new addition to his already enormous otaku collection. With how many Gundams and mechs he buys annually, he’ll soon run out of space to store them all.

Unfortunately, duckroll is also a moderator on the popular forum NeoGAF. How he obtained this position is beyond me. This high rank position has led to him becoming deluded with his intelligence. He believes he’s the most insightful and knowledgeable user with regards to Square Enix and Final Fantasy personnel. Matter of fact, he think he knows so fucking much, he fully believes he can predict when his fanboy wet dream Yoshinori Kitase is about to eat, sleep, cough, sneeze, urinate, take a shit, all despite him not even being present there or even based in Japan. Yes, he believes his prowess over Square Enix staff is that incredible. His knowledge is complete bullshit, as he’s been embarrassingly wrong with his statements and predictions on multiple occasions. He comes off as arrogant and extremely unprofessional in both his posting and how he thinks he’s the authority on Square Enix and Final Fantasy personnel.

If you’ve read any of duckroll’s posts on NeoGAF about Final Fantasy personnel, you’ll quickly notice that he says almost all his statements as facts, even despite him not having ties with the inner workings of Square Enix Japan. There is a limit to how much knowledge some unemployed otaku that posts on the internet 24/7 can gain. Yet, despite this, duckroll thinks he knows fucking everything about Square Enix and Final Fantasy personnel. It’s ridiculous and even more ridiculous is that the many NeoGAF users actually believe everything he says it true. The respect and believability he’s gained amongst the NeoGAF community has gone to his head and overinflated his ego; he know feels like he’s the ultimate authority on info regarding Square Enix.

Back in July 2009, duckroll made the following statement:


One of the many examples of duckroll thinking he knows absolutely everything about the inner workings of Square Enix Japan.

The above statement was more wrong than right. Shinji Hashimoto confirmed to in July 2013 that Hiroyuki Ito has been planning and proposing ideas for a new project for some time now. Yoshinori Kitase confirmed to Andre Grant at the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII European launch event in London on February 13, 2014, that Hiroyuki Ito does indeed have his own team and has been busy leading his own big project. Therefore, duckroll’s statement about Hiroyuki Ito was wrong. Not only that, duckroll claimed that Hiroshi Minagawa had left Square Enix. This was also also wrong, as Hiroshi Minagawa was still at the company and directing Tactics Ogre for PSP at the time. Hiroshi Minagawa is now currently working as UI Director of FFXIV: A Realm Reborn and also another unannounced project.


This is duckroll making a thread about the new Sailor Moon anime. Also, he has had his doll-like avatar on NeoGAF for almost 2 years. An unemployed 32 year old heterosexual man with an avatar like that and a fanaticism for Sailor Moon? It’s almost like he’s trying to tell people he’s a closest pedophile.

Want to know more about the elusive duckroll? Well, unfortunately there isn’t much else I’m allowed to tell, as I have been restrained by Andre Grant. I’ve uncovered much more about him, but I’m not allowed to post it. Although he keeps almost all info about himself offline, he was unaware that I was hacking his PC and online accounts to get more info on him. As it stands, I have his full name, bank details, address, telephone number, and various account details for the many different websites he’s a member of. However, as I’ve said, I’ve been restrained by Andre Grant, so can’t release details on them. However, should duckroll attempt to try and disrespect me again, I will expose all this info across the internet.

The thing with duckroll is that he has been very careful to make sure people don’t find out he’s a pedophile and cyberstalker. Nobody knows his real name, where in Singapore he lives, or even has seen a full shot of his face. This mostly all due to him wanting to stay anonymous so he can cyberstalk his prey without penalty, and also because he’s concious of his looks, as many girls think he’s ugly. Also, he fears that his exact location being exposed would result in his enormous amount of child pornography and lolicon hentai being discovered. He’s trying to be elusive because has criminally obscene things in his possession.

That said, if you want to reach duckroll online, you can find him at the following:

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: In order to protect his online reputation, duckroll is going to deny everything in this response article, even though he knows it’s all true. Don’t believe his attempts to deny the reality in order to salvage his online reputation.

Why would duckroll create the G-Zay article on Encyclopedia Dramatica?

The fundamental problem is the fact that he’s unemployed and therefore has a ridiculous amount of free time. The bigger problem is that duckroll really enjoys cyberstalking and has been doing it for over a decade. I’m not the first person he’s created a page for on ED. There are at least thirty other individuals he’s made pages for over the years. However, he wisely uses different accounts for each new article he creates. With regards to ED article he made about me, there’s three main reasons he created it:

  1. That duckroll is jealous of the potential impact of The Zodiac Brave Theory and how it may surpass his Squall’s Dead Theory.
  2. That duckroll is jealous that I’m a potentially bigger Yasumi Matsuno fan than he is.
  3. That duckroll hates Hiroyuki Ito and adores Yoshinori Kitase.

Those are the three main reasons. I’ll explain them each more in-depth below.

1. That duckroll is jealous of the potential impact of The Zodiac Brave Theory and how it may surpass his Squall’s Dead Theory.

This was the easiest reason for me to identify. As of writing this, there’s only one Final Fantasy theory that has had a major impact on gamers. I’m referring to the Squall’s Dead Theory. The website for the theory has a comment section with over 2800 replies. Want to know you conceived the theory? Take a look at the image below.

It’s clearly stated on the Squall’s Dead website that duckroll conceived the theory.

It’s clearly stated on the Squall’s Dead website that duckroll conceived the theory.

While it’s Andre Grant who is the writer of The Zodiac Brave Theory, I’ve been claiming it to be really groundbreaking on GameFAQs. Considering that duckroll has been cyberstalking me since early 2013, he quickly became aware of my posts related to the upcoming theory. After reading my posts about it, he became paranoid that the theory would surpass the impact of his own Squall’s Dead Theory. As a result, he wants to discredit my name on the internet and damage my public image, which is why he created the G-Zay article on ED. By doing this, he attempted to get people to see me in a negative light and therefore dampen people’s response to The Zodiac Brave Theory when it eventually gets released.

2. That duckroll is jealous that I’m a potentially bigger Yasumi Matsuno fan than he is.

This is something that’s tied to duckroll’s overinflated ego. Upon finding out about The Zodiac Brave Theory in early 2013, which is a theory about a hidden theme in the story of Final Fantasy XII (a story written by Yasumi Matsuno), he started paying an obsessive amount of attention to my actions online. He began cyberstalking me on a daily basis and reading all my posts on GameFAQs and many other forums I’m a member of. He even went so far as to read all posts made by me as far back as 2005. As you can see, he has issues.

I first became aware duckroll was cyberstalking me in September 2013, which made me mindful of him watching my every action. An incident occurred in that month and the following month that made him envious of me even more. Andre Grant tweeted Yasumi Matsuno asking him if he’d be willing to write the scenario for Final Fantasy XVI if Hiroyuki Ito was the director of the game. Matsuno responded to his tweet by saying that he couldn’t answer the question due to certain reservations, meaning his answer was under NDA. Two days later, duckroll tweeted Yasumi Matsuno asking him if he’d work on another Final Fantasy game if Square Enix asked him to. Matsuno never replied to duckroll’s tweet. Thinking that he’ll eventually reply, duckroll left the tweet on his twitter feed for a whole week before finally deleting it due to realising he’s never getting a response. In short, Yasumi Matsuno replied to my tweet, but outright ignored duckroll’s.


A print screen of Yasumi Matsuno’s reply to Andre Grant’s tweet. A direct translation of his tweet: Good afternoon. If Hiroyuki Ito is the director of FF16 and asks you to write the game scenario, will you do it? I really love your stories. ^_^

It should also be noted that duckroll is primarily an anime otaku, with his love for video games coming second. Considering I’m primarily a gamer (with Final Fantasy XII being my fave JRPG) and I don’t even watch anime, duckroll’s personal insecurities have lead to him feeling that I’m a bigger Yasumi Matsuno fan than he is. As a result, he’s envious and wants me defamed.

3. That duckroll hates Hiroyuki Ito and adores Yoshinori Kitase.

With regards to the FF series, duckroll is a big fan of Yoshinori Kitase, but dislikes Hiroyuki Ito. This is the polar opposite to me. Not only that, but duckroll actually loves Final Fantasy XIII, which is widely regarded as one of the worst 3D mainline Final Fantasy games. Seeing as I’ve been spreading the word about how great Hiroyuki Ito is and how he should take over the mainline Final Fantasy series, duckroll doesn’t like it and wants me silenced. I made my agenda clear to him on his Wikipedia talk page. However, he quickly reverted the comment, even though reverting talk page comments are against the rules of the website.

A print screen of the comment I left on duckroll’s Wikipedia talk page after he got me banned.

A print screen of the comment I left on duckroll’s Wikipedia talk page after he got me banned. I explained my agenda to him clearly and also made it known that my goal had been accomplished, meaning I no longer needed to keep editing Wikipedia pages.

The situation is that duckroll doesn’t want Hiroyuki Ito to replace Yoshinori Kitase. Therefore, he doesn’t like how I’ve been advocating for it to happen. His efforts to counteract my agenda are too late, though. I’ve already assisted in making many people want Hiroyuki Ito leading the mainline Final Fantasy series. Also, seeing as many were disappointed with Yoshinori Kitase’s production work on Final Fantasy XIII, it made it easier for me, as they were already desiring somebody else to lead the mainline Final Fantasy series.

Another point that’s interesting is that, even though duckroll believes he’s the authority on Square Enix Japan and Final Fantasy personnel, he’s never met Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the Final Fantasy series. Andre Grant actually has. Not only that, but he got Sakaguchi to sign his copy of Final Fantasy XII and Sakaguchi even told him that he believes Hiroyuki Ito is the one who can make the Final Fantasy series great again. Considering that Andre Grant has met Hironobu Sakaguchi and Sakaguchi even told him that Hiroyuki Ito’s the one that can make Final Fantasy great again, duckroll is jealous and upset.

Section 3

G-Zay responds to the Encyclopedia Dramatica article by duckroll

Now that people know the twisted individual duckroll is and his motive in creating the G-Zay article on ED, I’ll now provide my response to it.

The basics

Firstly, I no longer edit Wikipedia. I haven’t edited since 2013, so therefore I can’t be labelled a member of Wikipedia.

Secondly, Galvin Okoye is not my powerword. I don’t have a powerword, as I’m a fictional persona. That petition I made back in 2005 is using one of my first aliases, as I didn’t want everybody that replied to the petition to see my real name.

Thirdly, I don’t use more than one account at a time on GameFAQs. This is one of many lies by duckroll that fill out the article.

Fourth, seeing as duckroll believes me to be a pathological liar, why is he taking anything I say online seriously? Also, he’s especially idiotic for believing that posts I made on the Forums back in circa 2008/2009 were me being legit. That was a joke account by a fictional persona. So if G-Zay is a fictional persona and he then makes a joke account on a internet forum, you can be sure that 99.9% of what he posts with that joke account will be bullshit. I made that account to kill time and laugh at people’s responses to my wild posts. Nothing I said on that forum was ever me being serious. Everything I posted there was either lies, hyperbole, or trolling. The obvious indicator that it was joke account is in the username. My internet forum accounts where I was serious always went by the name “Galvanizer”, but the account on was called GalvanizA. The use of a capital ‘A’ at the end was to show this account was different from the others.

Fifth, I am unemployed, but that’s because I only exist on internet forums. Also, I knew how to use proxies long before I started editing Wikipedia.

The situation on Wikipedia

I’m not going to waste too much time on this point. My editing on Wikipedia ended in April 2013 due to duckroll filing a report against me with his Wikipedia account Xiomicronpi. I made a public apology for my actions on the administrator’s board and left. I haven’t touched an article on Wikipedia since. However, somebody else was going around editing pages in the guise of myself and I was being accused of being responsible. Regardless, I know I no longer edit Wikipedia and have stayed true to my statement that I was leaving. Whatever other bullshit is still happening there is not my concern or responsibility. However, seeing as duckroll is so paranoid that I’ll return, he will revert any edit that looks like it was made by me on sight, even making sure the new user accounts that make these edits get banned in the process. There’s even times he will himself edit a page using a proxy and then he’ll revert the edit with his Xiomicronpi account and claim that the edit was by a G-Zay sockpuppet.

There’s a long line of IP addresses and accounts that have been banned since April 2013 due to being believed to be my sockpuppets. The irony is that none of these are even my sockpuppets. It seems that even though I’ve left Wikipedia, duckroll is trying to make it seem like I still run rampant over there. Whatever bullshit he’s pulling on Wikipedia doesn’t concern me, and that includes his false accusations of my sockpuppetry.

Lies about Hiroyuki Ito

I don’t tell any lies about Hiroyuki Ito on GameFAQs, IGN, or VGChartz. The threads I make are all legit and with sources. Secondly, I’m not this huge, obsessive Hiroyuki Ito fan that duckroll is trying to present me as. The only reason I want Hiroyuki Ito back in the director seat of another mainline Final Fantasy game is because he’s the only person still at Square Enix that will make a JRPG that evolves off the game design and battle system used in Final Fantasy XII. It’s not rocket science, people. If you like the gameplay of one video game and want to see another video game like it, your best hope is that the director and designer of the game will reprise the same roles for a sequel.

As a result of wanting to know if Hiroyuki Ito will direct another mainline Final Fantasy game, Andre Grant has attended launch events in London that various Final Fantasy staff were making appearances at. When given the opportunity, he’d always always ask about Hiroyuki Ito, just to uncover any info that may suggest Ito will return to direct another mainline Final Fantasy game. I see nothing wrong with him doing this. It’s better to obtain any amount of info, no matter how small, rather than be in dark for years on end. The last Final Fantasy game Hiroyuki Ito worked on was released in December 2007, which is now approaching seven years ago. It’s reasonable for Andre Grant to want to know what’s he’s been doing and if he’ll return to the Final Fantasy series.

Pathological lies and pedophilia

Both these accusations are untrue. Further more, all the sources of duckroll’s claims come from my GalvanizA account on, which I’ve already explained was a joke account. I created that account solely to create shocking posts in order to troll people. Nothing I ever said on that internet forum was me being serious. I kept the serious me on GameFAQs, which I was posting on concurrently at the time.

Even on my IGN account, I made it clear I was trolling on the rare occurrence that I made an obscene post. I say a lot of obscene things on all my internet forum accounts, but I make it clear when I’m trolling and fucking people over. I never say something outright grotesque or obscene and actually mean it, because I know I’m not that character. If I was, why would I even say it? People like that would never publicly disclose their hidden vices. For example, no pedophile is going to go out on a internet forum and announce he finds little girls attractive. That would be crazy. It’s something that just wouldn’t happen. Therefore, the only reason I was able to openly go out of my way to make such a claim about myself is because I know I’m a fictional persona and therefore whatever I say isn’t true. Thankfully, my eyes have never seen CP photos or videos before. The same can’t be said for duckroll, who has a massive CP collection stored on his PC, which he masturbates to for hours on end on a daily basis.

The following post by me on the IGN forums in April 2010 explain my situation best:


A print screen of a forum post I made on IGN back in April 2010. It gave other users some insight into how I’m never being genuine when I say obscene things online. It also provided a hint that G-Zay was a fictional persona, as I said that the real me only exists offline. Bare in mind, this was before Andre Grant joined Twitter in June 2011.

More recently, I provided a more in-depth explanation of how I operate on internet forums in the following posts by me on the GameFAQs message boards in June 2014:


A print screen of a forum post I made on GameFAQs back in June 2014. It gave other users a more detailed insight into how I’m never being genuine when I say obscene things online. It also made claims that I’m going to stop trolling and become legit on internet forums, but this is no longer going to happen. Andre Grant has decided to retire me, the G-Zay fictional persona, by the end of 2014. Therefore, by the end of this year, I will no longer exist. The Zodiac Brave Theory that I mention in the above post will be released by Andre Grant, who’s the one that conceived and is currently writing the theory, anyway.

Basically, I’m never being genuine when posting on a internet forum. This should be obvious because I’m a fictional internet persona. It makes sense that a fictional character would post fictional things.

Other fetishes

Again, duckroll is using my GalvanizA joke account on  as the source of his accusations. I’ve already covered why this source is invalid. The playlist on Dailymotion he mentions doesn’t even exist. Also, how can I have a sexual fetish of any kind when I’m a fictional persona that doesn’t even exist outside internet forums? It makes no sense.


To conclude, nothing truthful can be gained from the G-Zay article on Encyclopedia Dramatica by duckroll. Not only is the article filled with bullshit, but the person it’s about doesn’t even really exist. As has already been explained by Andre Grant, I’m a fictional persona that solely exists to post on internet forums. Outside of that, I have no existence. Therefore, all that can be gained from duckroll’s ED article is lies and misinformation. He wrote that article in an attempt to damage both my online and real world reputation out of jealousy and spite. However, as G-Zay, I have no real world reputation, as I don’t exist in real life.

I honestly really want to make a slandering article about duckroll on ED, but Andre Grant has restricted me from doing so. His argument is that it wouldn’t be fair, as duckroll really exists, while I’m just a fictional internet persona. I respect him for being the bigger man and not letting me strike back without mercy, but as G-Zay, I really want to cause havoc and destroy duckroll on both the internet and the real world. That said, if duckroll attempts to disrespect myself or Andre Grant again, I will be allowed to go after him without mercy. The ball’s in his court. Personally, I hope he reacts, because I still have a lot more disturbing shit about him that I want to expose.

All that said, It was Andre Grant’s idea to create this response article with WordPress. I was actually planning to just make an article about duckroll on ED, but I think this idea was better, as this website is independent and has no affiliation with any other website.

Having said all that, the fact a G-Zay article even got created on ED is proof that my actions as a troll have caught up with me. Andre Grant was already considering retiring me, but he wanted to release The Zodiac Brave Theory through me. However, my notorious trolling reputation has made him abandon that idea. The ED article about me didn’t help things much, either. He’ll officially retire me by the end of this year, so in 2015 onwards, there will no longer be a G-Zay. I feel sad I’m being abandoned, but Andre Grant will bring me back should duckroll ever attempt another disrespectful stunt. If that time comes, I will be given no restrictions and be allowed to go all out on my assault on duckroll. I’m more than ready!

With that said, you’ve now reached the end of the views of G-Zay, Andre Grant’s fictional internet persona. If you read the whole article, meaning all three sections, thanks for your time.

The End